About Us

My name is Cari and I started Bless This Mess 10 years ago. When I had a full time job I didn't have the time, or desire, to clean my entire home when returning from work. Now house cleaning in Raymond is my full time job and I love it. I want to make sure all of my clients get their money's worth so I make sure to complete my checklist each and every time I show up even if I think it looks clean already.


Sondra from Raymond NH Says:

Cari does such a great job cleaning my house and I have a lot more time available to do other things.

Chris from Candia NH Says:

I've known Cari for a few years now and she still gives the same 100% as day one.

Ray from Fremont NH Says:

I'm so happy I switched to Bless This Mess for my cleaning services because I realized the last company I was using wasn't doing much at all!

Amber from Epping NH Says:

I feel very comfortable having Cari cleaning my house because she's trustworthy and I don't have to wonder if she's really doing the work because it shows!